about me

Hey, my name is Stefanie Wels and I live in Amsterdam.

I studied russian, philosophy and I did autonomous art at the Rietveld Art Academy. Then I started fabricating my own clothes. It was a success, and I turned it into a business.

For me, clothes have nothing to do with ‘fashion’. Clothes are a means of making a statement about the wearer. My clothes are colorful and simple. I regard them as artworks.

Climate change

In the current time of climate change, I think consumentism has to be looked at with suspicion. The chain of clothes production is from beginning till end fueled by human exploitation and exploitation of the earth. This has to stop!

That’s why I use alsmost exclusively second hand materials. I buy second hand fabric, or use thrown away clothes. The result is no less.

Also I am active at Extinction rebellion, the climate movement. Check it out: www.extinctionrebellion.nl.


* African Fashion Week Amsterdam, august 2019
* International Fashion Week Amsterdam, planned november 2020

My business is registered at the Kvk since february 2019.